Harry Potter Favor Boxes and Party Favors



When we were planning our Harry Potter Birthday party for my son, we wanted to have the most epic favors and favor boxes. I like to have favors that can be already used during a party rather than given afterwards. I want the kids to play with their favors, because too many times favor bags get tossed after a party and never really used.

We wanted the kids to feel like wizards and decided pretty fast that each child needed a wand. If you have seen any previous posts, we have a DIY post on how to make the wands here:


We also sell different kinds of wands in our etsy shop here:


specifically here in the magic shop:



My sister is a pretty spectacular wand maker and she made sooooo many different unique wands. To make it even more crazy wonderful, we had a wand ceremony where each child got assigned a wand from the sorting hat based on questions they had to answer.  It was the best game ever. You can read more about the games of the party here:


I think the wands by itself are already a cute favor that would totally be enough, but we wanted more. A student in Hogwarts also needs school books for the different subjects like spells and charms, herbology, defense against the dark arts and potion making. SO we found our perfect favor boxes idea….


This was a lot more tricky than making the wands. I had designed favor boxes before like a treasure chest for our pirate party or the dice favor boxes from the casino party, but I wanted the books to look and open like real books and it took many tries to get there. But I love the final result and the favor table was so much more than favors only. It was part of the decoration and became a focus point of the party.


Just like the wands, we are also selling the template for the different book favors boxes as well as ready made book favor boxes. I am in the process of putting them into our magical etsy store and they should be available starting next week. I will post a link once they are ready.  Here a link in the meantime to the magic store itself:




We filled the boxes with Harry Potter glasses, a Harry Potter lightening strike tattoo, a Gryffindor tie and some “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans”.  I am not usually one to give the kids at our parties extra candy to take home, because the party itself already has soooo much sugar and candy, but the every flavor beans are a must. What can I say. Who doesn’t enjoy a bogie flavored bean?


Couple days before the party, our house looked like a store on Diagon Alley before the beginning of the new term at Hogwarts with my magical creature cat assisting us too,




Welcome to a New Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry




“First years should note that the forest in the grounds is forbidden to all pupils. And a few of our older students would do well to remember that as well. I have also been asked by Mr. Filch, the caretaker, to remind you all that no magic should be used between classes in the corridors. Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of term. Anyone interested in playing for their house teams should contact Madame Hooch. And finally, I must tell you that this year, the 3rd floor corridor on the right -hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death.”

Excerpt from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/ Welcome Speech


The school year has officially started today and after Dumbledore’s speech, we hope everybody is ready for a successful new term . We know there were some problems at Diagon Alley this year and Ollivanders, maker of fine wands since 832 BC. was not able to supply wands for every student. Fear not, we have got a great variety of wands and other magical school supplies delivered by owl straight to Hogwarts. (we can also use muggle mail and send it directly to your home address).

Here are some of our finest wands available:




But of course there is more… We do have all your other supplies needed for a successful new year here at Hogwarts like magic spell books that can magically transform into favor boxes, wizard outfits and accessories, potion bottles, owls and so much more….

But back to our wands:

The single most important magical tool, our wands can be made from a variety of woods and cores.  Let me introduce you to some of our bestselling wands:

dark werewolf
This wand is made out of Black Ash Wood, which often favor those who are energetic and have a sharp mind. Werewolf fur was added to enhance the owner’s senses during duels and battles. It also has a core of tarantula venom which will amplify the power of dark spells. Finally a Jet lignite coat to strengthen the wand and enhances the owner’s courage.


This wand is made out of Bonewood, which tends to favor those with the darkest hearts and mind. A core of ghost essence was added, which enhances the owner’s intelligence. It was sprinkled with bone powder which slightly increases magic transmission. Finally a drop of dark magic elixir to enhance its power.


This wand is made out of Sycamore Wood, which often favor those with a loving heart and a talent for healing spells. A werewolf claw was added to aid the learning process of magical spells. It also has a core of spider moss which has the ability to calm its owner in dire situations. Finally a Bezoar Stone to strengthen the wand and protects against magical damage.



Harry Potter Birthday Party – 9 1/4 edition – the party games


When planning the party, my sister and I both agreed that we wanted to play games that would make the party even more magic. Since the party was inside Hogwarts, it was just naturally that our wizards and witches had to have classes or some kind of magic training…

1.The Sorting Hat Game


Once most of the kids had arrived, we played our first game. The sorting hat game… We did not want to separate the kids into houses because most of the guests were Gryffindor fans. Our favors were special made wands (each wand was unique) and spell books with several surprises inside. Because of several requests, we started to make wands and sell them in our etsy store.


 My sister (who made all the wands) was our wand master and together with the sorting hat, she chose one guest at a time to come to the middle of the classroom and asked questions like

Would you rather be able to speak to animals, to read minds or to fly on a broom?

Would you like to do good magic or dark magic?

What is your favorite subject? Herbology, potion making or spells and jinxes

What do you like best? Spiders, worms, snakes or non of the three

Do you like gold or silver? Black or White?

Who do you like the most? Professor Snape, Dumbledore or Hagrid

Who is your favorite magical creature? Dragon, unicorn, phoenix or snake?

Based on the answers and the input of the sorting hat, the wand master gave the wizard or witch their special wand and they were allowed to chose a potions, charms, defense against the dark arts or history of magic spell book favor box. Inside was a Gryffindor felt tie, Harry Potter glasses and lightening bolt tattoo as well as package of Bertie Botts beans and Harry Potter Sticker packages. We gave them the favors in the beginning, because we needed the wands for the next game and as a bonus it was extra cute that half the guests were wearing their ties and glasses.



2. Charms class – “Wingardium Leviosa.”


We wanted the kids to try out their wands and got right into our next game. They had to practice “Wingardium Leviosa.” Instead of feathers, we used balloons and the kids had to keep them floating. They could only touch the balloons with their wands and had to repeat the spell “Wingardium Leviosa.” We had a small breeze which made it extra difficult and fun. Whoever could keep the balloon afloat the longest, won a price from the Gringotts treasure chest. We played several rounds before starting the next game. So easy and so much fun…


3. Owl Post – Mail from Harry Potter


The week before we had attended another birthday party with really awesome games and my boys loved the pass the parcel game. Luca asked to play it also at his party and our challenge was to incorporate it into the theme. We actually made two parcels. We wrapped a small gift into about 15 layers of wrapping paper and included a small surprise like a package of stickers, a lollipop or a small gadget in each layer. The last layer was wrapped in brown packing paper and we drew a seal and other details to make it look like a Hogwarts parcel. it was just perfect. Before we played the game, the parcels were displayed in the owlery, which was one of the Adventkalender, we reused one last time. They looked great together and was additional decoration.  All the kids stood in a circle and because we didn’t have any music, the sorting hat told my sister when to stop. We made sure all the kids got a layer and a surprise and one lucky kid got a small toy at the end. This game was also really successful because the anticipation was growing with every layer and you could see the kids getting more and more excited.

4. Magic creature hunt


Shortly before the party we hid about 50 plastic creatures like worms, bugs, spiders etc around the premises. They were bigger than real creatures and came in all kinds of colors. It was a group game and all kids that participated received a price from the Gringotts treasure vault once all creatures were captured. I was surprised how fast they found all the creatures and I loved that it was a team game.

5. The quidditch game


One of my favorite things about the party was the Quidditch field with the Ocean in the back. We simplified the game and had only three hoops, different sizes of balls and some brooms and let the kids make up their own games. From riding around with brooms to trying to shoot through the holes, the quidditch field was used during the entire party and was a real success.

6. The diary of Tom Riddle

I had found some special ink for under $5 that turned invisible shortly after writing with it. We didn’t really had a game with the ink, but the kids loved to write a message for Tom Riddle that turned invisible after a few seconds. It was a nice game for all the kids that knew the story. I did take some pictures and will upload the pictures soon.

7. A dementor Pinata or was it Voldemort


Last but not least, we had a Pinata that started out to as a dementor but looked more like Voldemort. I had to make a last minute change, so we didn’t have the time to color the bag black to make it look even more part of the scary figure. I think the kids didn’t care who or what they were beating up. Of course they had to use a spell when hitting the piñata. Expecto Patronum was perfect to defend themselves from the dementors. The dementor/Voldemort was quickly eliminated and didn’t stand a change against our witches and wizards.

We had planned a couple more games but didn’t do them in the end. The kids ended up playing their own imaginary games with the wands and that was even better. I am really happy how the party had turned out in the end.

Harry Potter Birthday Party – 9 1/4 edition – sweet treats table

We knew from the beginning that our party had to be set inside Hogwarts castle. We loved our backdrop during Christmas and knew that it would be perfect for the party as well. The wall backdrop was made out of plastic sheet from oriental trading which we had hot glued onto bed sheets. We also reused the portraits and the floating candles we made for Christmas. image

The Sweet Treats Table


Our sweet table was a mixture of Honeydukes, magical inspiration from the books and our own imagination. From baby mandrakes, a sorting hat cake,  jumping snakes, puking pastilles, house elf cupcakes to snitches, chocolate frogs, every flavor beans and more, we wanted something special for any witch or wizard….


We asked Luca what kind of cake he wanted, and he decided on the sorting hat, which was made out of rice crispies and fondant. The cake was one of the last things we made and unfortunately we ran out of time, because we wanted to paint it also with food coloring to give it more dimension. Also because of the hot weather in South Florida, it had melted a little. But well, mishaps happen…imageimageimageWhen we decided on the design for the cupcakes, we did not want to have “House cupcakes” because we are all Gryffindor fans in our heart. So I had the idea to use Dobby as our inspiration. Little elfs on all the cupcakes would have been cute, but we already had the cupcake toppers that we designed and are available in our etsy store. My sister made a clay Dobby and clay socks and the House Elf Cupcakes idea was born…

imageTo display the Honeydukes treats, we bought cauldrons from the Dollar store that we had washed inside and glittered outside for a more magical look. Of course chocolate frogs, golden snitches and every flavor beans had to be there too…We found templates for both packaging and the wings online that I will share at the end of the post. Pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and golden/silver sprinkles became magic wands…imageThe mandrakes were chocolate cakes inside a pot that was painted to get a more earthy look with fondant Mandrake plants planted inside (the top was a plastic plant cut in pieces). We had Deathly Hollows and red scar sugar cookies and a Mrs Dursley Pudding (with another Dobby) that could have flown up in the air and crash any minute.

imageWe are working on a Harry Potter printable or ready made party package. We already have the photo booth props, cupcake toppers and the invitations for sale, but we will also offer the food tags, garlands, water bottle wrappers, signs, favor boxes and wands as soon as possible. If you are interested in any of our items, you can always contact us at thepartyevent@gmail.com


Snitches template:


Chocolate Frogs box template: (I changed the font in golden)


Bertie Botts box template:


(we kept our boxes open that the kids could take a bean rather than the whole box)





Harry Potter Birthday Party – 9 1/4 edition – savory treats table

We knew from the beginning that our party had to be set inside Hogwarts castle. We loved our backdrop during Christmas and knew that it would be perfect for our party as well. The wall backdrop was made out of a plastic sheet from Oriental Trading which we hot glued onto bed sheets. We also reused the portraits and the floating candles we made for Christmas.


The Savory Treats Table



When designing the table and deciding what food we would like, both Eva and I wanted to have something like a showstopper. A couple years back, we had a bug party and the cake was a massive worm covering the length of the table. Immediately we both thought about Hagrid and the massive Hagrid’s little lunch sandwich was born. We wanted to present it appropriately and build a tray from a shelf and a painted wooden board that we covered in plastic wrap. Also I liked the idea to have something other than pizza for a kids party…


We like to use our cupcake toppers also in other food. The toppers makes it look more festive and it brings the whole theme together. Chips and dips get magical names and the savory table was almost ready. We had this wonderful fitting multi tier stand and converted it into our Dark Forest holder. We had spider webs, bat wings, thestral chips and blast ended skrewts that could be dipped into Felix Felices, Weasley’s Barrow dip or into Cockroach clusters. To make the table complete, we offered Gillyweed Sauerkraut, roasted Dragon egg nuts, Hufflepuff Popcorn and a Gryffindor potato salad. imageimage

Since we were in a state park with BBQ grills, we also offered hot dogs aehm I mean broomsticks. The pictures only show the before uncooked dogs, because once the party was in full swing, we forgot to retake it…


We are working on a Harry Potter printable or ready made party package. We already have the photo booth props, cupcake toppers and the invitations for sale, but we will also offer the food tags, garlands, water bottle wrappers, signs, favor boxes and wands as soon as possible. If you are interested in any of our items, you can always contact us at thepartyevent@gmail.com

A Harry Potter Birthday Party – 9 1/4 edition

The big day was finally here and the party was amazing. The actual birthday was already last December but because of various reasons, we had to celebrate about two months late… which worked out quite well, because it wasn’t just a regular 9th birthday party, we celebrated Luca’s 9 1/4 birthday.


Our location was magically transformed into our own Hogwarts on the beach… We had savory treats like Hagrid’s little sandwich, which was several feet long and spider web chips from the Dark Forest. For the sweet tooth, we had chocolate frogs, snitches, little angry Mandrakes and Mrs Dursley’s Pudding to name a few of the treats.



The little witches and wizards were greeted from the sorting hat and received a wand and spell book as a favor after answering some questions to decide which wand was the right fit. We gave out the favors at the beginning because we had some magical lessons planned like spells and charms and wanted the kids to use their wands as much as possible. Other games included an owl post game, a magical creature hunt, choose your house, a dementor/Voldemort piñata and of course we had to have a Quiddich field.


We got a lot of positive feedback and I want to share all of the details, pictures, games, decoration etc in the upcoming blog posts. Also lots of DIY projects as well as some of the resources we used and where we got some of our magical things…





A birthday invitation directly from the wizard world delivered by a mail owl


I thought, since we featured the DIY felt owls in one of the last posts, why not share another of my favorite owl crafts we made.


When making birthday invitations for our parties, we already want to start with a bang. My kids are invited to lots of birthday parties throughout the year and if a birthday party invitation stands out or has a special detail, we are definitely going to the party. We have created some clever invitation like an actual egg (even though the picture doesn’t give any justice, it was my favorite invitation ever) filled with confetti for a Yoshi party, a dice box for a casino party or a paper carrot for an Easter party. I am a big fan of 3D invitations.


For our Harry Potter party, we also wanted to intrigue our guests. We had some different ideas, but decided a mail owl was perfect, because this is the natural way to receive mail and packages in the wizard world. Since real owls were not really available, we had to make our own owls. If you have visited our other blog or have seen some of the props and parties, you might already know our style. Our pictures and images are defined by their black outlines and are a mixture between cartoon and reality. We have a unique process in which both my sister and I are involved making the picture. She first pencil draws the image, outlines it with a marker and afterwards colors it and makes it look our signature style.


We scan the image and I edit and retouch it with an image manipulation program.

The invitation owl that we had created was cute, but so far it was only a picture of an owl with its wings spread. We had to find a way to transform it and make it look like it was flying and delivering a message or invitation. In my head, I knew exactly how the owl was supposed to look and after editing it on the computer, adding a backdrop and the invitation scroll, the owl was “ready” to deliver our invitation. Almost… After we printed the invitation, I went back and made some small modifications like changing some sizes. Once reprinted, we cut out the owls and assembled the invitation. They came out even more beautiful than imagined. I knew they were perfect, when I saw the face of my birthday boy. He was very happy giving them out and we both can’t wait for the party.





We do offer the download with an empty invitation template in our etsy store. If you are interested in ready made invitation, just send us a message to thepartyevent@gmail.com for details. Here is the link:


DIY Magic Wands



The most important thing for a wizard or witch, has to be his/her magic wand. When we were deciding the birthday favors for the kids, my sister and I both agreed that each wizard at the party had to have a wand. But not just a simple stick, we wanted a wand that had magic written all over it…

The Hot Glue gun is one of our favorite tools in general and I think we use it in almost all of our crafts. We already knew the kind of magic of hot glue and paint mixed together from the sorting hat ornaments we did a couple weeks ago. So we started experimenting… Hot glue and paint on a chopstick will already result in pretty nice wands, but pearls and other embellishments like plastic spiders, stones, snakes, jewels, mini skeletons, beads or any other knick knack can really make a wand look spectacular….

You need:

chop sticks – paint (different shades of brown, black, grey,yellow, gold, silver etc) – nail polish for extra shine and glitter – hot glue gun and glue sticks – embellishments


My sister made most of the wands, so she kind of is the wandmaster in our family now. Even though I am not a dark witch, one of my favorite wands has to be the skeleton wand. It looks sooo good and the pictures do not give enough justice. Even though the wands are all pretty easy to make, they are really time consuming. Still they are so worth it and I cannot wait to see the faces of our little wizard and witches when they are receiving their wands.



We started applying several layers of hot glue on the chopstick. You could make lines, waves, dots etc to achieve different effects. For this particular wand, we covered the entire chopstick with hot glue working from one end to the other being careful not to get burned. Some areas were covered with more glue to make it look uneven like a wooden stick. We did not want a smooth wand.

Once it was dried, we applied an extra coat of hot glue for the handle. We also wanted to define the ends of the handle and piped a thick hot glue circle on each side. We repeated it several times and added some pearls on both ends of the handle for texture. According to my sister, the real fun is starting when applying the first coat of paint. The chop stick is getting transformed into a wand right in front of the eyes. We used a dark brown as base color. It needs to dry completely before applying the next coat. We applied two coats of dark brown to cover everything, followed by a metallic gold paint. Afterwards we highlighted the wand nail polish. We used the silver glitter nail polish for the pearls and the gold nail polish for the rest of the wand. It gives the wand a special shine like a glaze.


When we made the wands, we had a mini wandmaster in training that decided that we couldn’t use the necklaces for the wands.  That was ok, because we had plenty of other materials to chose and make part of our magical wands. We also had another bowl of the magic ingredients like phoenix feathers, dragon heartstring and unicorn hair that are essential for making the wand extra magic.


These wands are only a few of the wands we made and I want to show you more pictures in upcoming posts….They are really amazing and with some time, effort, hot glue and lots of magic, anybody can become a wandmaster.



We also have a little sneak peak of the actual favor boxes for the birthday party. Yes, it’s a magic book. We created different books for the most important wizard subjects like spells and charms, the history of magic, defense against the dark arts, potions and herbology….  I am so excited to share more…..


Crafty Friday – DIY Felt Owls

There is so much I want to post and share about our Harry Potter Christmas Party and as well about the upcoming Harry Potter birthday party and I don’t know with what to start…

Because our other blog has a crafty Friday segment, I thought why not share it here as well… So today, the DIY felt Owls are making their debut… So cute and so easy and best of “owl”, they can be used for so many things. We used them originally on our Christmas tree, but one of the owls has ended up on the backpack of one of my boys and brings him to school. Another one was converted into a bookmark. They could be used on or as party favors, on invitations or just simply as decoration.



You need:

paper template

different colors felt ( I like a combination of four colors plus black felt for eyes)

scissors and hot glue

post it paper and yarn


I first sketched a little owl an paper and made some outlines for the different body parts. This took me the longest because I wasn’t sure about the size and shape and it took several tries. I will attach a template at the end of the post, if you don’t want to draw your own shapes. I cut them out and used them as a template. I would suggest making the template out of a heavy cardstock paper, because regular paper (the one I used) is just too flimsy. I traced the design onto the felt and cut them out. Actually, I really only used the template for the head and body shape. All the other shapes like wing feathers, feet and beak were just easier and faster to cut out directly. It also gives each owl, its own character.

By the way because we had used glitter for another project, the sample owl in the picture has also some sprinkles of glitter which reflect on the picture.


I glued the shapes together and out came a cute little owl. Depending on the use of the owl, you might want to cut out a second head and torso to use as backing of the owl. To make it even stronger, you can use cardboard in between the layers.


Our owls are not just regular owls, they are of course magical owls used by the wizard community to deliver mail, so they needed a little package. You could be really creative, but we wanted something simple and fast and I just had a post-it in front of me, so that’s what we used. I rolled it up (ending with the glued side) and used yarn to tie it to a package or letter. I glued it to the feet and voila the owl evolved into a magical post owl.


Even though we liked the owls just the way they were, I added some more dimension drawing feathers onto the owls. We also attached string to make them Christmas ornaments…


I am really happy that we are using some of the owls even after Christmas and now I want to make more owls, because I already have some ideas on how to display them next…


Hello 2017 and Welcome to the Wizarding Harry Potter World of The Party Event

We are so happy you found us… Blogging and Harry Potter are two things we love, so we thought to combine them and create our own magical world…

We are two Potterheads that have been obsessed for quite a while now and have been posting some of our stuff on our social media sites but wanted to create a place where all of our designs, crafts, pictures, parties or anything other Harry Potter related can be found all together. We do have a main blog (that I have neglected quite a bit for some time and will be up and running again soon), but we felt that our Potter World needed its own home….

We have a company called The Party Event, which designs and sells all kind of party decoration like cupcake toppers, garlands, signs, invitations and anything a good party needs like photo booth props. And photo booth props are our specialty. We do try to design a new set every month and do have everything from Beatles inspired props to holiday props and of course Harry Potter related photo booth props as well…


You can also find us on etsy, amazon and our website. In our shops you will find a collection of different party themes that can be customized for any event. I will list all the links of our website, social media sites (our Potter world took over our instagram account), stores as well as the other blog soon. We would love for you to visit and like our other pages. If you like our style and cannot find a specific theme or need something unique, let us know… We would love to help you for anything potter related or not…Simply contact us at thepartyevent@gmail.com

This being said, here we will focus on everything Harry Potter. Just to give you a taste of our craziness… we just had a Harry Potter Christmas and it was the best Christmas we ever had ….

Thanks for stopping by and we are so excited….

Ina and Eva